Start Where You Are!


Like most of us, I’m a busy person, constantly aiming to follow a creative path through the unpredictability of life.  The self discipline to get things done, or follow any kind of creative practice is a constant challenge.

Often with several things to attend to all the same time, we find ourselves doing one thing and thinking we should be doing something else.    I found a motto some time ago, which struck a loud, but harmonic chord (it appeared in my Facebook feed on one of those ever circulating bits of advice) : ‘Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!’. As a thwarted perfectionist, I kind of adopted it as one of my mantras, and so now, whenever I find myself back to that place of ‘shoulds’,  I return to this phrase. It reminds me that creativity, by it’s very nature, is an ability we all have to use at all times. Creative thinking will shine a light on a fresh path for ourselves through the sometimes overwhelming jungle of experiences we can find ourselves in on a daily basis.

The image is of ‘The Firebird’,  a raku fired tile panel which I made some years ago. The legends of the Firebird are many, but she is associated with overcoming trials and achieving seemingly impossible tasks. Often mixed up with the Phoenix, both birds are symbolic of magical fire energy. With the roots of their respective stories in oral traditions, they can be traced back through Slavic, European and Egyption origins.  The Phoenix has the ability to regenerate from her own ashes, she is associated with rebirth and the return of the sun after winter.  Just one feather from the Firebird will illuminate an entire room and help you to see your way.

So whatever challenges you find yourself facing – take a breath, and start where you are right now, take stock of what you have, and do what you can easily do to take the first step on the path of whatever journey you find yourself on at the moment.