Creative Flow


Today, theoretically, is a studio day. I intend to make some bowls, but first I’m catching up with my emails, sorting out some bills, updating my website, teaching an eight year old how to crochet…  Creative flow? Maybe I’ll just have another cup of tea first and get my thoughts together again.

There is a time honoured mythology about artists being alone in garrets or scribbling sketches on tablecloths in exchange for coffees in romantic Parisian cafes, or holing up in their studios throughout the night, or for weeks on end, while passion rages itself onto the canvas… which may apply to some I suppose, (and I have been known to work well into the small hours occasionally) But, particularly for women, making art often has to happen in-between everything else. Every now and then, someone writes a book or an article, or makes a TV programme asking “why there is such an imbalance between the genders when it comes to famous artists?”  The answer is both simplistic and complex.

The simple answer is that despite our efforts we continue to live in a world of gender role imbalance. The complex answer is, well, complex, requiring more analysis than can be tackled in a blog post.  It seems, at least here in modern Europe, that our modern lives continue to get fuller, expectations higher, information bombards us from all directions, we have to learn more and more skills to keep up. Whatever point of our lives we’re at, we women continue to strive to strike the impossible perfect balance between family, work, and finding time for ourselves. It’s easy to see time for making art as a luxury.

Yet being in touch with our creativity is an essential ingredient in the recipe for holistic health.  I have learned that balance doesn’t mean perfect balance for all things at all times, sometimes we tip heavily in one direction, the balance comes by remembering to tip another way when we can so we can even our lives out. Whether we are professional artists or simply pursuing our interests, it’s more important than ever that we learn to stop and smell the roses… (particularly if your creative thing is gardening!)

The image is of a group of raku fired bowls I made some time ago. Now if I can just get into the studio throught the snow, I’ll be making some new ones today!